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Today’s websites have to be fully customised to user's needs, who become more and more demanding. Unique graphic design with engaging content is one thing, but what makes the website run smoothly is precisely coded back-end. Only such combination can guarantee success, meaning functional, responsive and user-friendly websites.

JustIdea's team of experts makes sure that your website stands out from the competition. Using the WordPress we develop creative projects and dedicated solutions. We also specialize in website optimization and positioning. All this to provide our customers with a product that generates real revenue.

Examples of websites we’ve developed:

Zarząd Dróg Miasta Krakowa

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Galeria Jednego Plakatu

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JustReview Image

We are working on JustReview App after hours. It was developed to meet the needs of our clients and thus increase their sales even more effectively! We use social proof to collect opinions concerning our clients' brands and embed them on their websites to increase buyers' trust in their products. Sharing opinions from Google, Facebook, Allegro, Ebay or Amazon has never been easier.

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