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A great product is fundamental but what's as important is to know how to sell it. The internet offers it's users plenty of possibilities, to catch the attention of your customers you need to know how to stand out. JustIdea knows just how to do it, that's why we build online stores, that attract buyers and improve the shopping experience making it a pure pleasure.

We use the best e-commerce solutions, such as PrestaShop or WooCommerce. Our designers team has extensive experience in UX and UI design. Thanks to that, we can create dedicated solutions and custom graphic designs for our clients. Online stores under JustIdea's wings also undergo detailed audits, so they can be optimized and positioned properly.

Examples of online stores we’ve developed so far:

JustReview Image Our Product
JustReview Image

We are working on JustReview App after hours. It was developed to meet the needs of our clients and thus increase their sales even more effectively! We use social proof to collect opinions concerning our clients' brands and embed them on their websites to increase buyers' trust in their products. Sharing opinions from Google, Facebook, Allegro, Ebay or Amazon has never been easier.

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