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Long Tail is The Key to e-commerce SEO!

SEO (search engine optimization) based on long-tail products keywords is essential to build stable and free traffic to your online store from Google. So let your wide range of products work to your advantage.

E-commerce SEO

Online stores have a large number of categories and product subpages. This gives you a great chance to build an effective long tail keywords campaign.

There are two types of SEO activities, on-site and off-site. The first one includes optimization of semantics of product subpages and categories, as well as speed of the store itself. Another important feature is "rich snippets", which are extended descriptions elements in search results, collected through microdata and microformats.

Off-site activities include link building based on related blog articles’ subjects on external websites and catalogues. We integrate all these activities to build the highest possible position of your store.

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