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Dynamic sales growth in your online store with PrestaShop

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Tailor-made websites based on WordPress platform

Case Studies

Idea. Creation. Execution. Everything for your online business.

Case Studies

Digital marketing:
Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO

Case Studies
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Your 360° Interactive Agency

Working with us you not only gain support of an end-to-end Interactive Agency but most importantly a business partner that will commercially prepare you for the competitive market and the future. We make sure that your business is more visible on the web and that your sales increase.

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For our clients, we create custom-made graphic designs and build modern, responsive websites using WordPress. We make sure that the websites we build not only attract visually but also generate revenue for your business.

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Based on the latest UX and UI trends we build e-commerce and marketplaces that sell. We use modern and reliable PrestaShop i WooCommerce tools so that you can fully focus on growing your business.

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Graphic Design

Image has a huge impact on sales. Full visual identity, distinctive logotype, brand, book, business cards, leaflets and outdoor advertisement – we take care of the comprehensive design concept for your business.

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Digital Marketing

The Internet is a powerful commercial tool, but you need to use it skilfully. At JustIdea, we can tailor the right marketing strategies for each of our clients.

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International Expansion

Don't let anything stop you! Expansion into foreign markets will become much easier with our help. Thanks to our branches and partners in Europe, USA, UK i Australia, boundaries of your business development no longer exist.

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Other Services

At JustIdea, we not only create excellent quality websites, but also undertake the creation of valuable and engaging content. We realise professional product photography and commercial video. We will also take care of comprehensive PR activities and professional legal services.

Success Measured by Results

We strategically shape digital customer experience to deliver desired results.

Audit worth 500 EUR for 0 EUR

Take advantage of the free advertising campaign audit
and SEO visibility report


We Know the Secret of Every Industry

What makes JustIdea different from other agencies is our individual approach to building your commercial brand and the experience that is visible in our portfolio of successful campaign realisations from various industries. Some of the projects resulted in long-time partnerships with our business clients. We are happy to take care of your business and professionally manage your commercial development as well. We work effectively and we know how to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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The whole team at the expense of one specialist!

Would you like to manage the development of the project yourself? With JustIdea you can.
We will get you up to speed with our workflows, so that you will be able to provide developers with suggestions.
This model comes with the most convenient pricing for you:
at a semi-fixed price or a flat rate of 50 euros per hour.

Start Your Project

Regardless of the size of your project, you can quickly and easily set it up through our application. Usually we run the project using the online Kanban board. It contains tasks to be performed, presented in the form of simple cards. Most often we arrange the boards in four columns: "Backlog", "To do", "In progress" and "Done". The application itself is extremely functional and intuitive at the same time, so using its features should not be a problem.

Manage the Team

At JustIdea, you can control the development of your project the whole time. You can keep track of the work progress in the tasks you've assigned. Depending on the completed stage of the project the cards with tasks are moved from left to right. You can also report any necessary changes at any time and control the number of hours spent on the project. After all, you are the boss and you make the final decisions!

Control Your Expenses

You can assign as many tasks as you want, but you only pay for the completed ones. Developers responsible for the execution of individual tasks track their work time and based on that we summarise the project with our clients at the end of the month. The invoice provides you with a detailed list of tasks and the number of man-hours spent on their execution.

JustReview Image Our Product
JustReview Image

We are working on JustReview App after hours. It was developed to meet the needs of our clients and thus increase their sales even more effectively! We use social proof to collect opinions concerning our clients' brands and embed them on their websites to increase buyers' trust in their products. Sharing opinions from Google, Facebook, Allegro, Ebay or Amazon has never been easier.

Check Out JustReview
Our Product
Maciek Rduch - CEO

Rating 5.0

Surf Inc.

I’m the CEO of a clothing brand. We’re focused on lifestyle clothing and accessories. Our headquarters are in Krakow, Poland but we wanted to expand to the western market. To do this, we brought in JustIdea to build us a webshop. We started working with JustIdea around March 2017, and it’s an ongoing engagement. Our business has grown like crazy during these past few years. The e-commerce aspect, in particular, has grown by at least 200%. We’re also drawing more traffic into our website because of their social media marketing work.
JustIdea is always one step ahead of us; they think about what we can improve, even if we don’t mention it. They’re always analyzing and going deep with any case, and the results are usually above our expectations.

1-10 Employees / Project size $50,000 to $199,999
Maciek Rduch - CEO
Jakub Suder - Footwear Director

Rating 5.0

Nico sp. z o.o.

From the beginning, our cooperation with JustIdea was on the highest level and occurring problems were solved quickly and effectively. The modern and responsive platform proposed by JustIdea was customised to our needs and met our requirements regarding its functionality and esthetics. The professional approach of JustIdea to the project along with their e-commerce expertise allowed us to build an online store that meets today's customers' requirements in a relatively short time.
Jakub Suder - Footwear Director
Aneta Dziedzina - Marketing Manager

Rating 5.0

ANWA Toyota

JustIdea Agency provides us with social media marketing services to drive sales — they run all of our social media campaigns. Their team also offers SEO services to optimize our website’s search engine ranking. JustIdea Agency has developed graphics for ad campaigns and the website. We measure their success by the number of sales leads we generate from a campaign and the number of site visitors we receive. We’ve seen a general increase in our sales, brand awareness, and site traffic. I’d advise any customer thinking about working with JustIdea Agency to do it. JustIdea Agency’s team is young, dynamic, and has a lot of industry knowledge.

11-50 Employees / Project size: $10,000
Aneta Dziedzina - Marketing Manager
Dawid Karcz - CEO

Rating 5.0


I'm the owner of Magical Shoes, a footwear brand. We sell barefoot shoes. JustIdea Agency is responsible for creating ads for our Facebook and Google Ads channels. Aside from that, JustIdea Agency also developed our website. We started working together in June 2018, and the engagement is ongoing. We're most impressed with JustIdea Agency's efficiency and excellent communication. It's also very refreshing to know that we can always count on them to get work done on time.

11-50 Employees / Project size $50,000 to $199,999
Dawid Karcz - CEO
Łukasz Wajda - CEO

Rating 5.0


I’m the founder of naturestyle.pl, a high-end furniture shop. We wouldn’t be where we are had it not been for JustIdea Agency. We needed someone to create our e-commerce store.
We were experiencing a lot of administrative issues when we first started the shop, but JustIdea’s work has alleviated much of that burden.
They’ve automated many of our processes, so overhead costs have lowered drastically. Our annual sales have also skyrocketed. In 2018, we were making $3000 a month of sales profit, and currently, our monthly sales have gone up to $100,000. I’m very, very pleased.

1-10 Employees / Project size $200,000 to $999,999
Łukasz Wajda - CEO
Piotr Warchoł - Co-Owner

Rating 5.0


Mattress producing, family company. I'm a minority owner. We requested from Justidea design logos and online, presta-based shop for a new brand of mattresses.
We are happy about the results - a custom Presta shop adhering to our overall vision. They proved to be flexible and understanding.
It was not easy to work with us as due to the pandemic and other factors, we suffered many setbacks in developing the products we are selling in this online shop.

51-200 Employees / Project size $10,000 to $49,999
Piotr Warchoł - Co-Owner

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