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WooCommerce – For Those Selling One Product!

Thanks to its simplicity, WooCoomerce has become a great tool for one-product and one-page stores. It also works perfectly as a minimal value product or proof of concept. WooCommerce is definitely worth trying but for more complex online stores PrestaShop would be a better choice.

WooComerce Stores

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms probably because of the popularity of it's older brother - WordPress. due to that WooCommerce has 21% market share which equals almost 3000k singular online stores.

It's an excellent tool for building simple stores, or so called single-product stores. As long as you don't have to integrate with many external accounting and warehouse systems or other marketplaces, it can be a perfect solution that allows you testing every simple business idea.

Take your very first steps in e-commerce with WooCommerce!

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