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Data Analysis is Fundamental for Marketing!

Do you know who is your client? Do you know which source of traffic generates the highest conversion? Do you know how many days does your customers' purchase decision take? Do you know what percentage of customers returns to you? And most importantly, does your advertisement pay for itself? Well-prepared data analysis will answer all of these and more questions.

Internet Analytics

We often come across a situation when companies are in the dark while operating an online business. They launch multiple marketing channels at the same time, without analyzing the outcomes of each of them separately. As a result, they have no idea which channels actually work and which don't. That is why professional internet analytics is fundamental for properly conducted marketing campaign today.

We start every marketing campaign with correct distribution of codes and conversion pixels, which collect precise information about each user's activity on the website or online store. Based on this, we build profiles of the best converting users’ groups and use this information to optimize our campaigns, so that they provide the results that the client expects.

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